Enriched Process Management
Product loss can be considerable in the process. Paper based systems cannot support analysis of manufacturing performance to identify the source of the problem. By implementing OpsSmartĀ® businesses are better equipped to monitor every step of the process.

Decreased Labor Cost
A fully integrated quality and traceability system like OpsSmartĀ® eliminates unnecessary overhead costs by automating labor intensive tasks and facilitating increases in production without incurring the expense of additional resources. In addition by tracking the productivity of employees or processes, OpsSmart customers can increase the efficiency of their labor and processes.

Superior Quality Assurance
Quality can be potentially optimized via instant access to traceability records and a significant reduction in the amount of time spent on audits by personnel across all departments.

Amplified Product Value
High customer confidence amplifies product value and market recognition. OpsSmart facilitates proactive regulatory compliance, rapid response during product recalls, and efficient crisis management, thus enabling its customers to enhance their brand value and gain market confidence during significant supply chain events.

Managed Product Risk
Businesses across all industries can reduce the number of withdrawals and recalls. Even if a withdrawal or recall does happen, the batch size associated with such a withdrawal or recall is very small.