Architecture and Design

OpsSmart® is a modular web based dynamically presented database architecture requiring platform-agnostic application layer for communication between database structures, business rules, and workflow processes. This efficient design allows OpsSmart® to grow organically alongside a company’s business and growth trajectory.

OpsSmart® software utilizes the following system architecture tiers:

  • Web Application Server / Presentation Tier
  • Application Server / Data Management Tier
  • Database Server / System of Records Tier
  • External Data Storage and Access Tier

OpsSmart® codebase comprises ASP/ ASP.Net, C#, JavaScript, JAVA, XML, HTML5, CSS/CSS3 and JSON programming technologies and provide for highly stable, secure and platform independent traceability application environment.

The dynamic presented database architecture allows easy and swift customization of OpsSmart® software to match any business environment. Through an efficient delivery design, all application licensing and construction parameters are controlled within the core OpsSmart® engine enabling the software to be configured as defined by the business rather the other way around. This allows for a custom-fit solution provisioned at a record short period of time, thus changing the whole solution implementation and deployment paradigm. Businesses as a result can be operational with the OpsSmart® software in as little as few weeks.

Integrated Security and Compliance

  • OpsSmart® can efficiently integrate with existing ERP environments, production control systems and enterprise applications using its versatile Electronic Data Exchange (EDE) tool
  • Offers industry standard Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) protocol for secure communication, transport and storage of information, data, and attachments
  • Built-in integration with existing environments using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags, simple or multi-dimensional bar codes, as well as QR-Codes to communicate, transfer and log data across applications
  • Offers flexible data communication allowing the customers to define data exchange methodology for transfer of data among various supply chain partners
  • Maintains full compliance with all existing and evolving governmental and industry requirements

Traceability and Business Intelligence
OpsSmart® delivers online traceability by tracking product safety, quality, and origin at any point across the entire supply chain. In addition to the original trace, each CCP throughout a company’s internal operations as well as throughout the entire supply chain can also be traced.

In the event of a recall, OpsSmart® can quickly and narrowly trace the source of the problem. In addition, all other products affected by such recall can also be effortlessly traced alongside to gain a clearer picture of the overall impact. Gaining this prescience can prove invaluable to the enterprise during the recall activity.
The OpsSmart® central repository enables businesses to rapidly collate the traceability data and produce customized traceability reports. In addition, well-defined KPI are serviced from this repository to offer valuable business intelligence and business analytics for well-informed business and process decision making.

User Experience

  • Offers End-to-End full supply chain management of all aspects of the supply chain across all trade partners and stakeholders.
  • Maintains information consistency throughout the supply chain, even as the processes change. Integrated into email with user’s existing email address.
  • Multi-lingual support facilitating cross-border traceability