Key Features

Full Chain Traceability
OpsSmart® provides full visibility across the entire supply chain so that problem areas are readily identified, enabling the responsible parties to immediately remedy the problem.

Records Management
OpsSmart functions as a central repository for all relevant documents including receipts, certificates, licenses, lab reports, and compliance artifacts encompassing full supply chain starting with the origin of raw materials through processing all the way through the retail sale. The OpsSmart database maintains in a central location all halal certificates and documentation.

OpsSmart® facilitates customers’ compliance with Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), Global Halal Standards, HAACP, US FDA Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010(FSMA), EU Food Law, Japan Food Law and all other relevant laws and industry requirements. All data regarding compliance with CCP thresholds, Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPAs) are tracked.

Supplier Management
OpsSmart automates the supplier approval and selection process as well as tracing all raw materials through the finished product allowing customers to track the quality of a supplier’s product throughout the manufacturing process.

Mass Balance
OpsSmart® offers real time visibility into the full chain. This visibility allows the customers to trace and track raw materials from the origin through processing all the way to the finished products.

Audit Readiness
Highly granular data capture of multi-level information across, raw materials, manufacturing processes, food quality, and food safety compliance layers enables OpsSmart customers to maintain auditability and reduces the burden of compliance with governmental and industry requirements.

Withdrawal/Recall Facilitation
In the event of a problem OpsSmart® allows its customers to precisely trace-back and detect the source of problems, determine which other products may be affected by this problem and then trace-forward to determine the location of all affected products. By detecting non-conformance early, OpsSmart® prevents problems from propagating further downstream.

Consumer Confidence
OpsSmart’s disclosure of traceability information including, origin, safety, production practices and compliance record through QR-Codes boosts consumer confidence in its customer’s finished products.

Business Efficiency
OpsSmart offers added benefit of delivering high value business intelligence as a by-product of the granular data capture framework thus enabling its customers to actively tweak their information gathering, production processes, compliance practices, and continually improve their overall business workflow resulting in improvement in quality and optimizing efficiency.

Schedule Adherence
The OpsSmart® software automates all SOP elements and workflow across all facilities and provides automatic task schedule notifications as well as manages alerts for incomplete or delayed tasks with respect to the existing schedule.

LIMS Integration
OpsSmart captures safety and quality data from internal and external sources including Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS) data. More specifically, LIMS information is captured and made available for auditability and real-time alerts of non-conformance throughout the enterprise supply chain.

OpsSmart captures, manages, and facilitates all logistics information regarding raw materials, processed and finished products across full supply chain as well as across all supply chain partners and stakeholders.

Real-time Alerts and Reporting
Real time reporting feeds Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) thereby enabling OpsSmart’s customers to minimize waste, reduce plant downtime, control inventory and improve workers’ performance.